Why Do I Get Low Speed Test Results?!

I can 100% assure you that our servers are on 1 Gbps, PREMIUM, dedicated network lines. Below are some reasons why your speed test sites show incorrect results, and some steps you can take to prove to yourself that our servers are actually 1 Gbps:

1. It's hard to see full internet speed using only 1 connection, and when you test on speed test sites you are only using only 1 connection.

2. To see 1gbps on http://speedtest.net you would need 100% empty and unused 1gbps line on your server side, and 100% empty and unused 1gbps line on speedtest.net side. It won't ever happen - think about how many users do speedtests at the same time when you make your speed test. Each user consumes some bandwidth while testing and thats why speedtest.net servers (and all similar sites) are not able to show the full line speed.

3. Because of other users doing Internet speed tests at the same time as you are, the results may vary. Right now speedtest.net server can be overloaded and show only 100mbps, and a few seconds later you can get 900mbps.

4. Since the IP addresses that are allocated to the dedicated servers that we run your VPS machine's on are located in Buffalo, but the actual server is hosted in another datacenter (for example, our Dallas datacenter location), Speedtest.net doesn't have smart enough technology to realize that the server is in our Dallas datacenter, so they do a speedtest from our Buffalo location. That's a very long distance, and it explains why you see bad speed test results if you have a VPS in our Dallas location (refer to this article: https://support.speedtest.net/hc/en-us/articles/203845660-How-do-I-correct-my-location-)

5. We test our network speed every 30 minutes to ensure you will have a blazing fast connecton and enough bandwidth for your needs, so you can be rest assured that the problem does not lie on our side, but the above explanations will show you why it is is wrong on their side.

Follow the steps below to prove to yourself that you are in fact on a 1 Gbps dedicated network line:

1. Download our test file from our unused dedicated server:

- 1 file downloaded should give you 500-600mbps in task manager.
- If you perform a few downloads at the same time (2-3) you will see 800-900 mbps in task manager and that proves our Internet connection quality.

2. Test at https://testmy.net/download -- this site has reliably shown 700+ Mbps when we test on it during off-peak hours (when there servers aren't being bombarded).
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